The Motherhood Manifesto

Joan Blades and Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner appear to have inadvertently left the word “working” out of their book’s subtitle.  Intrigued by the titular promise of “The Motherhood Manifesto: What America’s Moms Want – and What To Do About It,” I dove in to discover what is essentially a lengthy policy paper on necessary institutional reforms for employed mothers.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m behind these ladies every step of the way.  The vitally necessary work described by the authors has yet to be done.  That said, the book’s statistics and summaries of law and practice are outdated just six years post-publication, the authors don’t address remedies needed to support single paycheck American families (e.g., flex-time for fathers), and the anecdotes sprinkled throughout aren’t illuminating or well-written enough to justify the reading time standing alone.  For anyone interested in the topic of women (and families) attempting to “have it all,” I recommend starting with Anne Marie Slaughter’s recent Atlantic Monthly article instead.


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