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I love the clean look of this layout, but it makes it impossible for you to find things! If you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see a box that allows you to follow the blog by email and a search box.

Here’s a list of the books reviewed thus far:

3 thoughts on “Follow, search, index

  1. I would love you to review my novel St. Barts. It’s a compilation of the first four novels in a contemporary romance series set on the sexiest island on the planet. It will make you cry and laugh.

  2. Hello Gail,

    I love your page and your reviews! I stumbled upon your website after reading your review on, “Blackout: Remembering the things I Drank to Forget.” I wrote a similar book titled, “Too Far Gone.” It is about how my mom’s deteriorating mental health led to her addiction and destroyed our family. We had to race to find her help before she took her own life. Our story represents the struggle of addiction so many endure in America today. If you are interested, I am running a free promotion of my book on Amazon starting tomorrow. It would mean a lot for you to check it out.

    Thank you,

    A. T. Micalizzi
    ‘Together, we are Strong’

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