Welcome to Gail Cornwall’s virtual mommy book club, and by “mommy” I mean current, former, or future caregiver, and by “book club” I mean I’ll post my reviews and others should feel free to comment.

I’m a stay-at-home mom of three caught up in a perfect storm of loving to read, write, judge, advise, and listen to the “sound” of my own voice. But I’m one of those type-A people who also genuinely appreciates feedback, push back, and holla back, and I regularly change my opinions based upon new information and perspective. I made several attempts at starting and joining mommy book clubs, both standard affairs and email variations, but found little success creating a real discussion group. Either the third mode’s a charm, or I’ll just have to be satisfied with the definition of “club” most descriptive of my early tween endeavors (picture me reading TigerBeat alone in a club house so secret that only one person and her three younger brothers ever gained access).

You can read my thoughts on parenting generally at joiedeviv.wordpress.com (musings) and parentingwrite.wordpress.com (more serious).

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Gail,

    Nice writing! Very few people write about ending breastfeeding…and very very few with wit and pathos! Good job! I was drawn to yoru blog after reading your review of “Whole Brain Child” and I was wondering if you ever read Happiest Toddler on teh Block (or saw the DVD)?
    I’d love to send them to you and get your HONEST feedback…if you are interested.
    (Thousand of Happiest Baby educators teach the 5 S’s all across the US to empower parents and prevent PPD, abuse, SIDS, marital conflict,…all the things that come from crying babies and exhausted parents.)

    And, I’m toying with the idea of starting Happiest Toddler classes to give simple – but very specific – tips to reduce outbursts…and boost patience, cooperation, confidence, emotional regulation….and ultimately happiness, health and ability to make friends and engage in intimacy.

    I’d really value your opinion on the info…

    Let me know if you’re game!

    Either way though…good on ya!


  2. Hi Ready Mommy,

    My name is Neri Olaes and I am an assistant for author Kathy Brook.
    I hope that things are going well with you!
    I see that you do product/book reviews in the adoption/foster care niche. We have a Kindle product, Adoption and Foster Care: A Guide to Planning and Surviving the Process (adopt, having a baby, getting pregnant and Infertility) ebook that we would like to gift to you, if you would be interested in reviewing it for us.
    There is no obligation to review it – we would like to gift it to you regardless.
    If you are interested in this, please let me know and we will get you the book ASAP.

    Thank you for your time.
    Neri Olaes

    If interested please contact us through brookskindle01@gmail.com.

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